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ARK LIVE Mud Substrate for Refugium, Mangroves, Chaeto, Seagrasses and Macros

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Here at ARK we are growing many types of Corals, Macros and Mangroves in the Florida Keys. The biggest key to our success is the ARK LIVE Mud Substrate we use in the tanks. The mud works so well that within just 2.5 to 3 months the Mangrove seeds have 4 to 5  leaves. Significantly different from the ones we grow just in the water column. In addition to this we’ve seen incredibly clear water and quick macro growth. Also jam packed with live fauna, copepods, worms, amphipods, and bacteria the ARK LIVE Mud provides so much more diversity than others.
Similar to others it also works well as a filter for the aquarium.  When placed in the sump at no deeper than 1.5″ and no thinner than 1″ you can create an effective denitrifying process for the aquarium.


The ARK Mud Substrate also provides essential trace elements and bacteria. We add a blend of elements to help tackle key issues like low Iron, Calcium, Sulfur, and Strontium. It also contains many LIVE marine bacteria, LIVE fauna, copepods, worms, amphipods, and LIVE burrowing infauna.


During the process of establishing your aquarium,  you can add this to your sump in a small plastic tub or fill the bottom layer 1′ to 1.5″. When adding make sure the water is out of the tank first. You can then place the mud in the bottom layer of the tank and place clear plastic or a plate on top. Next, slowly fill the tank via a small 1/4 hose on the top of the plastic or plate. Once tank is full, remove the plastic or plate and turn the pumps back on. This will insure your ARK LIVE Mud doesn’t get into the water column. If this happens you need to let it settle out.
Furthermore, this product contains the ‘good bacteria’ which effectively is a type of ‘denitrifying bacteria’. This product will reduce nitrate to harmless nitrogen gas which escapes from your aquarium. It is a great way to reduce nitrates in your tank and to protect your fish and corals from the harmful element.
Please note that a heat pack is not required in order to get ‘Live Sand’ safely to its destination. In cold temperatures the bacteria on the sand will go ‘dormant’ and once placed in a new system at normal temperature it will awake from its dormant state. If the sand is packaged with a heat pack the heat will cause the sand to dry which will kill the bacteria.













Specification: ARK LIVE Mud Substrate for Refugium, Mangroves, Chaeto, Seagrasses and Macros

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