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5 Pack Berghia Nudibranch Aiptasia Eatting Nudi

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Listing is for 5x Berghia Nudibranchs

These Nudibranchs are the best way to rid your systems of pesky Aiptasias. These are breed by us here in the Florida Keys and used in all our tanks to keep Aiptasias down in the summer.


1. Float jar in tank for 5 to 10 minutes

2. Take some water out of the jar with the provided Pipette and exchange with the tank water. Best to do it at least 10 to 15 times or when jar is full again.

3. After that you want to turn the lights out or you can do this at night after the lights go out.

4. Take the lid off and invert it  making sure to have the lip of the lid right side up. Next use a rubber band and secure the lid back on but leave a nice little gap for them to escape.

5. Find a nice place to set the jar so they can safely craw out and get to the rock structure.


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