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75 Gallon Saltwater Marine Tank Clean Up Crew Package MIX N MATCH

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You are buying a Saltwater tank clean-up crew. This package has been put together to match the size of your aquarium. This is only a guide as each tank is different and might require a different amount of each item. Most people do not realize that snails and hermits produce a lot of ammonia/waste. If these are overstocked, it will cause poor water quality issues. Thus, I am not a fan of using the one or two inverts per gallon rule. I take a much different approach. I believe the packages I put together are best for both keeping the tank clean and not overstocking it. This package will come with the following items.

Blue leg hermit crabs    30 pack

Astraea turbo snails      50 pack

Cerith snails                  35 pack 

Nerite snails              30 pack  

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