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Pincushion Urchin (Lytechinus variegatus) – Small to Medium

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The Pincushion Urchin comes in an array of colors and will make a great addition to your clean-up crew. Cleaning crews are essential for managing your aquarium while also reducing your work load. They got this name due to all their uniform spines that resemble a full sewing pincusion. Be sure there is enough space and food if you plan on adding more than one to an aquarium. They have a very unique way of moving around the aquarium by using a water vascular system. There are water canals through the inside of the urchin that pump water through the madreporite (red eye) and that allows their small tube feet to move around the aquarium. If you see this urchin begin to lose some spines, be sure to check the water parameters because shedding is usually an indicator of poor water quality. If algae levels get low, supplement their diet with dried seaweeds.

  • – Add to an aquarium with ample algae and space to graze
  • – For continued health, supplement with dried algae
  • – Prefers higher salinity
  • – Drip acclimation is recommended
  • – Cannot tolerate copper medications and high nitrates
  • – Reef safe with caution

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