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Crushed Coral Rock Small Pea Size- 10lb

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This rock consist of Crushed Coral Rock and provides the perfect size for mushroom and Zoanthids to grow on.
SIZE: (Grain size: 2.0 -3.5mm).
Premium Aragonite Reef Substrate for aquariums reduces Nitrates & Maintains ph. Ideal for reef system tank bottoms, denitrifying anaerobic beds, extremely high surface area filter media. For Best Results Use as Follows: Pre-washed Minimum Rinse Required.
  • 100% From The Ocean Floor
  • Increases Carbonate Hardness
  • Provide Marine Trace Elements
  • Heat Sterilized
  • Ideal for culturing Live sand
We provide many Marine Substrates for saltwater aquarium setups. Choose from our selection of high quality marine substrates to create ideal conditions for your saltwater fish-only, saltwater fish-only-with-live-rock (FOWLR), coral reef aquarium or refugium.

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