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ARK Overhang Aquascape Rock Kit Dry Reef Rock Aragonite Base, Porous Aquariums Live

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This is a 2 piece kit that will included everything you need to create that overhang aquascape look. The bottom piece will be flat bottom cut to insure firm placement on the tank bottom. Second item will be an arch shaped branch that can easily be glued into the desired place and angle. Next you will receive a bag of rocks, 2oz super glue, and 8oz of rock seam powder. You will use these products to secure the branch in place and create a sturdy attachment.


IMPORTANT: Do not remove established rock and replace with new dry rock right away or  When established rock is removed so is beneficial bacteria. This can cause water parameters to become unstable, which can be harmful to aquarium livestock. To ensure a healthy transition always take some established rock out slowly and replace with dry rock over a 5-30 day period and monitor parameters throughout. This will give the beneficial bacteria time to establish in the new rock before the older established rock is removed. Best practice is to cycle the rock for 1 to 2 weeks before adding any life to the system.

Rinse rock in filtered water to remove small rock partials that may have come
loose during shipping
Add rock to aquarium
Monitor Ph levels, to ensure they do not rise too quickly.
Aquascape and enjoy!

  This new base rock from Addictive Reef Keeping is professionally cleaned and dried to ensure no pesky hitchhikers, pests or algae are introduced into your saltwater aquarium. This dry rock is not man-made; it is real calcium carbonate limestone-structured aragonite we quarry in Florida, far away from living coral reefs. It is completely reef-safe and will not leach any undesirable contaminants into your delicate saltwater system. If you ordered colored rock then please also checkout our Touch Up Colorants for after you aquascape so you can cover up the white spots.

This dry rock  is super porous with plenty of surface area to grow beneficial nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria to act as a biological filter to help maintain pristine water conditions in your tank. PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST CYCLE THE ROCK BEFORE ADDING LIVE ANIMALS!!!


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