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30x Mix’n’Match Astraea Turbo, Stocky Cerith Snail- Saltwater Algae Cleaner Astraea

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30 Pack of Astraea Turbo and Stocky Cerith Snails

You will recieve a total of 30 snails

15x Stocky Cerith
15x Astraea Turbo

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Approximate Purchase Size:  1/2″ to 1″

Scientific NameCerithium spp.
Reef CompatibleYes
Care LevelBeginner
Min. Tank Size10 gallons
Mature Size1 inch
Placement in tankAny
RangeEastern Pacific, Mexico, Caribbean

Don’t let the Cerith Snail’s small adult size fool you. As well as having a gorgeous, elongated spiral shell, this active scavenger can consume large amounts of detritus, uneaten food, fish waste, and algae. Plus, this species of the Cerithium genus often burrows in your aquarium sand and helps maintain adequate oxygen levels in the substrate.Native to the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific off the coast of Mexico, the Cerith Snail does best in larger, well-established reef systems with deep sand beds. This voracious feeder is most active at night. In fact, breeding pairs of Cerith Snails will lay their eggs on your aquarium glass just after dark in long, stringy curves. However, since these eggs take a while to develop, they are often consumed by other tankmates or removed from the water column by filtration before the eggs have a chance to hatch. The Cerith Snail is extremely difficult to breed in captivity. Not only is determining the sexes difficult, but the water parameters required to do so are unknown.

Like other invertebrates, the Cerith Snail is sensitive to high nitrate levels and copper based medications. It also requires a gradual acclimation process, preferably the drip acclimation method, since it is sensitive to even minute changes in water parameters.

Please read before buying this live product: I guarantee live arrival of our live specimens: BUT CERTAIN CONDITIONS MUST BE MET Someone must be present to receive and inspect the package on the FIRST DELIVERY attempt. We must be notified of DOA (dead on arrival) within TWO HOURS of FIRST DELIVERY TIME . PICTURES NEED TO BE OF LIVE ANIMALS IN THE BAG UNOPENED!!! If these conditions are met, then we will replace the DOA at CREDIT ONLY. If you want a replacement you’ll need to pay shipping again as SHIPPING IS NONREFUNDABLE. These are live organisms. THEY CANNOT SURVIVE OUTSIDE OR IN YOUR MAILBOX FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME. All Orders are shipped on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesday so any orders after Monday will ship the following week.

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