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25x Yellow Polyps Colony Coral

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Yellow Polyps are an ideal beginner coral with bright yellow coloration that is bound to stand out in any reef aquarium. They are very hardy, grow quickly and can live in just about every environment. Cautionary notes are few with these corals, but hobbyists should take care not to place Yellow Polyps too close to other sessile invertebrates as the polyps can outgrow them, and like many corals, these have the ability to sting other polyps and corals. Due to the polyps physical likeness to Aptasia anenome, it is not recommended to include in tanks with peppermint shrimp, as the shrimp may make a snack out of them. Given supplemented feedings, they can thrive in very low light placements. When placed in moderate light scenarios, they can live without any direct feeding, but will still benefit from light supplemented feedings. Flow should be low to moderate but never direct.

  • – Provide an aquarium placement with low to moderate lighting and moderate water flow
  • – For continued health, supplement with planktonic foods
  • – Cannot tolerate copper medications
  • – Great beginner coral
  • – Reef safe

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