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2″ Frag Caulerpa serrulata Sawtooth Macro Algae Saltwater

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2″ Frag of this algae will sent


Caulerpa serrulata


(Forsskål) J Agardh 1837


Sawtooth Macro


 Likely Reef Tank Suitable


 Likely Fish-Only Tank Suitable


Range: Tropical West Atlantic Ocean and also the South Pacific Ocean: Great Barrier Reef to Fiji.


Natural Environment: Inhabits reef flats and also found in shallow sandy areas in lagoons.


Aquarium Suitability: Rarely seen in the trade, yet when available, does well under bright light and where impacted with gentle currents.




  • Kingdom: Plantae


  • Phylum: Chlorophyta


  • Class: Ulvophyceae


  • Order: Bryopsidales


  • Family: Caulerpaceae


  • Genus: Caulerpa

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