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Aquaculture Glowing Marginella Snail Florida Keys

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This type only comes from the Florida Keys and is much more vibrant in colors unlike the Tampa bay ones which are all tan. We have been keeping these for years and slowly building up a good broodstock here on the coral farm. We now offer them on the sites and we hope you enjoy them as much as us.

These guys are like Nassarius but on steriods. They eat way more and even get bigger than the vibex Nassarius. The other neat thing is they will reproduce in you’re aquarium with no special requirements. As soon as they smell food they come up out of the sand ready to eat. We recommend atleast 4 to 10 per 20 gallons.

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6 pack ($2.29 a snail)

12 pack ($1.99 a snail)

25 pack ($1.79 a snail)

Specification: Aquaculture Glowing Marginella Snail Florida Keys

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6 pack, 12 pack, 25 pack

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