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This listing is for a 1/2 cup (20,000 count) dry of our Amphipods. You will receive a mix of large and small so you can have better success breeding
These pods are great for keeping your macro algae, live rock, sand bed, clean from micro algaes.  They are also some of the best live foods you can buy for your tank. 
As Amphipods mature to adults they become more benthic (like to crawl on structure), but will also swim sometimes.
Newborn naupli are in the 100- 200 micron size.
Stages of juveniles are 1 – 3 millimeter size.
Adults get up to 6 millimeter (1/4 inch) size.
An Amphipod breeding colony can produce many baby saltwater pods per week.
Amphipods make an excellent micro cleanup crew. Also serves as a valuable food source of live zooplankton for fish and corals.
Amphipods feed on nuisance hair algae, dead decaying algae, leftover food and fish waste. They will constantly be grazing on your live rocks & sand bottom. They love to setup their breeding colonies in macro algae.  We have been aqua-culturing these pods for a number of years here in Okeechobee, Florida. With these in your tank they will multiply rapidly and spread out, producing thousands of nauplii and multiple stages of juveniles.
Use Amphipods to seed your reef tank and sump/Refugium.  Once they get established and breeding in your system you will have a constant supply of zooplankton to feed your corals and fish.  
If you already have Macro algae growing in your sump, these pods will establish a breeding colony in the macros and your pump will periodically draw some pods out of the sump into your main tank; thereby scatter feeding corals and fish with live plankton throughout the day.

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