Ulva Lactuca Sea Lettuce Marine Macro Algae Plant- PICK SIZE


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1 Cup of Ulva Lactuca Sea Lettuce Marine Macro Algae Plant Reef Refugium Coral

This listing is for a 1 cup of Ulva Lactuca Sea Lettuce
If you want larger portion please check our store out. Thanks!!!
Great live seaweed for your fish!!

This is a small genus of marine and brackish water green algae. It is edible and is often called ‘Sea Lettuce’. Species with hollow, one-layered thalli were formerly included in Enteromorpha, but it is widely accepted now that such species should be included in Ulva.

The thallus of ulvoid species is flat and blade-like and is composed of two layers of cells. There is no differentiation into tissues; all the cells of the plant are more or less alike except for the basal cells, which are elongated to form attachment rhizoids. Each cell contains one nucleus and has a cup-shaped choroplast with a single pyrenoid.

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